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Investing in Gold Coins

Some time ago someone asked about investing in gold. But sorry that was a lot of new activity had my back this time. As well as my posting here so others can both learn and contribute.

Investing in gold could use some variety of media such as gold bars (bullion), gold coins, gold certificates, gold savings, mutual funds with underlying gold mining companies, as well as commodity futures contracts in gold.

Well, because some people feel less steady investment holding gold without its physical form, so this time writing more about the investment in the form of gold bars or coins. Moreover, some people do not just think of gold as an investment, but also collections.

Pros & Cons Gold

Gold values tend to be stable and inflation has no effect (zero inflation effect). Very rare gold prices fell. Gold can also be used for the collection and jewelry.

Gold is also good to diversify. Suppose you have invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, property, or others; buy gold could be a good alternative. Moreover, in some countries reportedly declining gold production. Because of increasing scarcity of gold, surely the price will always rise.

Another advantage, the price of gold was set in USD. If an increase in the value of USD, you get two benefits at once, ie the increase in the dollar and rising gold price itself. However, if the opposite happened, it could be a double-edged sword.

Variation Media Gold

Form of gold is mixed. The most common is the bar (gold bar – gold bullion) with levels of brick-like 22-carat (95%) or 24 carat (99%). This type is considered the best because wherever and whenever you sell, the price will always follow the prevailing international prices.

There was also the shape of gold coins. Values and levels similar to gold bars but supposedly limited and difficult to find in the market. There are coins that cost up to more than Rp 50 billion because of the history variables, ownership, and perhaps an important event when the coin is launched. Also, if you want to buy gold coins, it is better to choose well-known producers such as Maples, Krands, or Eagles. They are producers of high quality assets and products in demand the world of international collectors.

There is also a form of gold jewelry. It may also invest indirectly through the discretionary fund of hedge fund gold or gold.

Buying and Selling Gold

In general, you can buy at the store of gold or Pawnshop (usually stock is not much). Sometimes, money changer who also serves rather bona fide. For the gold trend, can be viewed on the site I recommend this site because you will get a lot of literature about investing in gold and you can also speak directly with managers to get more information about how the gold investment.

Aurum Advisors has an unrivaled track record that you can count on. We know how to deliver precious metals in the safest most reliable and affordable manner possible. Weather you are local or anywhere Nationwide Aurum Advisors can provide gold right to your doorstep. Its service you can rely on and an asset you can trust.

Always thoroughly certificate (a small paper berhologram) and receipts, and then match with the purchase of physical gold. Generally there is a code like 9999 or 24 carat, serial number and weight of the mold set, and the logo of the manufacturer.

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