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Familiar with The Concept of Online Auction

There are many concepts and models auction system. In brief, the general pattern is presented as follows. Auction is buying or selling a special, without harming beneficial buyer seller.

To increase the selling price required a large number of buyers to buy a level of competitive bidding. Orientation consumers (buyers) are essentially using the principles of interest, the consequential order on the construction, the demand for drivers, there is no supply without demand, many choices, a high fluctuation in demand.

Basically, business processes consist of electronic order management, transaction management, payment handling, treatment delivery, and handling consumer (post-sales). The consequence is an intranet application, the integration of suppliers (strategic), the estimated assessment or forecasting (jointly), decision support and reporting.

Thus, the auction system is a collection of elements that integrated auction with the aim of serving the bidder that met the target increase in sales. Auction elements associated with auction activities, the labor, and the activities of the netter. Classification is the input element, the element of transformation or process, output elements, and kontrol.Interaksi-interaction mechanisms in the auction house is set in the safe of conduct relating to aspects of the product characteristics, the auction institution, the types of transactions, relationships auction agents with auction institutions , and the characteristics of auction agents. The agents consist of an agent auction auctioneer, bidder agents, search agents, and agent product.

To detect the credibility netter, bidder, there is no mechanism to register their membership is active in the auction house with the requirements set by the auction house. At the bidder entered the auction to bid, determined how much supply should be included to be the highest bidder. Bidder has the freedom to enter a bidding number from the system or set your own auction. For each additional supply entering, processing system and compare it with other offers and determine if eligible to be a winner.

The main factors that affect the auction system in achieving the goal is to technical factors, economic factors, non-technical factors, legal factors, operating factors, and schedule factors.

Auction online similar to the traditional auction. There was competition among bidders to get a type of goods. At the end of the auction, the winning bidder was announced as the person who has the right to buy goods at the agreed price during the bidding process took place. From the financial facilities have internet banking services and e-currency services that can be used.

Backstage on-line auction, there are databases that track the goods, supply, and determining the winning bidder.

Auction system via the Internet continue to grow, develop organizational structure consisting of auction house executives (management element, appraiser, lawyer, marketing agents, and operational staff offices), associated with the steering committee management information system (development project leader). Any relation to the direction of the management (executives auction house), a computer expert (steering committee; consists of systems analysts, designers, programmers, database administrators, and network specialist), and the user (netter, bidder).

For the region of Western countries, eBay led the auction site the most visited, and then there are also Yahoo auction sites.

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