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Men’s Health According to Age | All About The Man and The Children

Men’s Health According to Age

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Such as women, the men also experience changes in sexual function and condition. Feed ignore food and lifestyle in young age, can result in terganggunya and sexual health in the twilight age. What should be?

AGE 20th

General conditions: Age is an 20-peak someone’s health condition. At this age the condition the body is being fit. Conditions without the problems that often make a man forget to change the food, rest and forget. Moreover, if a student or working. This will make it easy exposed various diseases, such as diarrhea and tifus.
Recommended in this age of the men always take to eat, rest, and sports. Options sports are very liberal, as the various sports activities can be tried.
If exposed to mild illness, at the age of this process it more easily. Exposed to the possibility of disease such as hypertension or diabetes, small. Unless the family has a history of suffering and really can not maintain health.
Need to rest enough to be the main concern, especially for men who live in big cities. Tendency of society, at the weekend, thus ray-ray and begadang.
At this age, men’s sexual activity can be spelled out is in fit condition. However, there is no guarantee to say at the age of an 20-man does not have the disease. Several factors pose a risk outside of the young age of the disease or physical disturbance.
Similarly lifestyle is not healthy, such as excessive smoking, lack of sleep, and never exercise, can cause due to bad physical. Even as a physical disturbance, at the age of 20, already an experienced real obstacles, and encouraged sexual harassment ereksi.

AGE 30th

General conditions: Age 30 is an age-maintenance, alias need treatment. If not eating, excessive eating, for example, will be easy to fall into the overweight or Obesity.
In addition, because kesibukannya, men forget the sport. As a result, cholesterol content and high acid strand. So, should dibiasakan sports, eating regularly, and enough rest.
Disease that may appear between tifus and other diseases due to environmental factors such as dengue fever. If the family has a risk of hypertension or urine, sweet, the men aged above 30 can be exposed to an illness is.
After reaching the age of 30 years began to decline in many occur in the human body. Various hormones begin to decline, including the hormones that are associated with sexual function, especially testosteron. But in the 30s, people have not felt the decline.
But if the blood examination is done, appears to have started a decline, including dry various hormones, especially testosteron. Some of the men’s 30-an experience not as strong sexual stimulus at the age of 20s. Moreover, if a lot of psychological burden, such as work load and other problems.

AGE 40th

General Condition: At this age, men experience a decrease in the average ability, that is not seenergik men aged 20 years, for example. If a seumpama since young men have less sleep habits, at the age of 40 years he has been experiencing fatigue usually.
In the sport should look at some things, especially if you have hypertension or heart disease. A fat man well at the age of 40 years and above should reduce the burden of sports. Due to possible problems with the existing muscle or joint. So do not force the activities to make a sport that is quite heavy.
There are several conditions that must be diwaspadai, namely degeneratif diseases (diseases that occur because of increasing age). This illness occurs mainly because the pattern of life that are less healthy, such as not eating (womb acid fiber, cholesterol, salt). But could the above 40 years will experience a variety of diseases, especially when supported by other risk factors such as obesity.
Some of the disease or the consequences that may appear: - coronary heart attacks. The causes include smoking, hypertension, obesity, increased blood thickness, diabetes, lack of exercise, and stress the weight.
- Increased cholesterol. Akan excessive cholesterol accumulate in the blood vessel, especially in the vein coronary heart and brain. If you have other factors such as obesity, smoking, and diabetes, the risk of a heart attack or stroke increased progressively.
- Myo-acid content is high. Cause inflammation in the joints of a foot. Joints swell and cause great pain. Can accumulate in the kidney terbentuknya cause kidney stones and sand.
At the age of 45 years and above, the decline in the real function of the body. Kadar testosteron hormone decrease, as well as other hormones. Muscle mass and muscle strength start to decline, increased body fat, and various diseases that can appear with the sexual function, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
Psychological factors can also disrupt sexual function, such as saturation with the atmosphere of day-to-day, the loss of intimacy with a partner, the loss of the attractiveness of a partner, frustration, and exasperation.
In addition to the sexual function, male fertility is also decreased. Quantity and quality of spermatozoa cells also decreased. So, do not have the correct belief that men’s fertility remains high even though the age is information. Therefore it is recommended at age above 40 years old, men and women should not have any more children.


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